Tahmina Kohistani

Tahmina Kohistani

Olympic athlete Tahmina was Afghanistan's only female competitor in the London 2012 Olympics, competing in the 100m.

In this short film she describes her passion for the games, what it's like to be Afghanistan's only female competitor, and why she believes more women should take part in sports.

Many thanks to Sertaç Sehlikoglu, PhD candidate at Cambridge University and founder of the Muslim Women in Sport blog, and Zeynep Yildiz, independent film maker, for all their work in making this film.

Visit the excellent website here: muslimwomeninsports.blogspot.co.uk/

Photo credit: London 2012 Olympics, Asian Media (read article here)

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Afghanistan's only female athlete in the London 2012 Olympics describes her experiences as a 100m competitor.