Housing help

Things never go completely smoothly where housing is concerned. Don't get down though. Find out more about your situation and how to fix problems with these online resources, or find an advice centre near you for expert help.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau

Find your local bureau and book an appointment or call up for advice over the telephone. The advisors will be able to tell you about your housing options or how you can solve a problem you might have with a housemate, landlord or neighbour. All advice is completely confidential.



England and Wales

This is another great source of advice on all kinds of issues relating to housing. If you are facing homelessness then many emergency housing providers require you to be referred by an advice provider. Use Shelter's Advice Services Directory to find one close to you.


What House? Affordable Homes

A searchable directory of affordable housing and information on the different ways to get it.



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