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If you have a legal problem it can be difficult to know who to turn to for advice and representation. You may be eligible for legal aid and can get free representation, or a lawyer may take on your case without charge. Follow these links to see where your case fits.

The Law Society

This site is mainly aimed at solicitors, but you can also use it to find a solicitor for yourself.

Law Centres

Each local centre provides free legal advice to local people and will often also offer representation services.

Bar Pro Bono

The organization finds barristers to take on cases free of charge for clients who do not qualify for legal aid. Cases have to be referred through the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, a Law Centre or your MP.

Law Works

Get free advice and mediation, as well as free representation on certain areas of law if you don’t qualify for legal aid.

Community Legal Services Direct

General information on many areas of law, finding legal advice and whether you qualify for legal aid.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Their website gives information on Human Rights law and how to take an issue forward either informally or through legal action. You can get free advice through the helpline (0845 6046610).

Rights of Women

Free information and advice on issues affecting women, such as relationship breakdown, children and harassment from female lawyers. Check the opening times of their helpline.

1st Ethical Charitable Trust

Check out these specialised resources and guides to finance and law in relation to Islam.

The Association of Muslim Lawyers

This offers mainly information for Islamic lawyers, but the online directory is a tool for finding an Muslim lawyer near you.




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