Kathleen Stokes

Kathleen is a consultant for Maslaha. She has a BA in History from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and has recently completed an MA in World Cities and Urban Life at Goldsmiths College.

With an active interest in urban life, social space and community development, Kathleen has learned and lived in communities across Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Previously working in the Canadian House of Commons and as a research assistant in the academic and non-profit sector, she has also spent time researching and volunteering for minority rights and intercultural relations. Kathleen has led trips and organised numerous activities and campaigns encouraging understanding, dialogue and awareness in various contexts since secondary school.

She looks forward to working on Maslaha and learning from its original approach of addressing unmet social needs through creative resource production and exchange. Ultimately, Kathleen aspires to have a career bridging knowledge and research with innovative social action.


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 Kathleen is a consultant for Maslaha